Destin Beaches

Reminiscent of a brilliant emerald on a strand of luminous pearls, Destin beaches are unrivaled in natural beauty. “When I first set eyes on the Gulf of Mexico, I gasped! I had never seen anything so beautiful,” said a one time visitor but now local resident. No wonder readers of Southern Living voted Destin beaches as the Number One Beach in the South for four consecutive years!

The beaches of the Emerald Coast have many unique attributes that shine above other vacation destinations. For example, the sugary-white, powder soft sand is no ordinary sand. Its amazing color comes from millions of tiny Appalachian quartz that have filtered down from the mountains through the Apalachicola River. It is this spectacular stone, ground to a perfect oval in each grain, which makes the sand “squeak” when you walk on it.

The natural foliage is a delightful blend of delicate sea oats, wildflowers, scented magnolias, sand pines and various palms. Many artists have tried to capture this distinctive mix of subtropical plant life, but nothing truly matches nature’s handiwork.

An impressive array of marine life can be found at any time of year. Dolphins frolic year round in the Gulf, bays and bayous, while sea turtles nest between April and November. Pods of stingrays migrate in the early fall, and the often comical seagull is always around to provide entertainment.

Destin’s beaches meander for 24 miles along the coastline, 60% of which are protected by law. A safe and beautiful beach environment is always a top priority to City Council members. For this very reason many local parks such as Beasley Park, James Lee Park, Ed Walline Park, and Henderson Beach Park all provide ADA accessibility, showers and bathrooms for all to enjoy.

The sun is also kind to vacationers and locals alike, providing us with an astonishing average of 343 sunny days per year! Destin’s Emerald Coast is so inviting... simply irresistible!